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Pivot Performance (Pivot), founded in 2008, has helped more than 70 organizations across Canada facilitate the changes they required to achieve their goals. Our boutique consultancy performs and teaches (collaborative) facilitation techniques that can be (effectively) applied to a wide variety of processes including: Strategy and Planning, Short and Long Term Business Planning, Organizational Development and Change Management, Feasibility Studies and Planning, Employee Training, and much, much more.

We are a Winnipeg-based company. We use a structured five-step program that enables organizations to achieve their quantitative goals and qualitative visions faster, and in a manner that is consistent with their established culture and values.


Our values are guiding principles that dictate the way we behave and act with everyone with whom we interact.

  • We are passionate about what we do. Functionally, our passion translates to a higher performance standard that attracts clients who are looking for exceptional, practical and lasting results.
  • We are very knowledgeable about our business as well as the industries and sectors that we support. As a result, the clients we partner with spend less time explaining the challenge and more time identifying and ranking viable strategic and tactical options.
  • We are thought leaders in strategy and facilitation. For us “a good plan” is one that’s designed, embraced and implemented by all of your stakeholders and that becomes intertwined with your established culture and values.
  • We explore, and where and when applicable, push boundaries. Marketplace trends inform and define local, regional, national and international organizational behaviour; everything from codes of (employee) conduct, to production standards, positioning, marketing and pricing. Our approach to Strategy, Facilitation and Workshops ensures that the work you do today sets you up for success tomorrow.


Pivot specializes in providing strategy and facilitation services using current best practices to make the most of every engagement. Our exceptional facilitation services are an intrinsic part of our five-step planning process and may also be purchased separately as an added value when conducting other or independent meetings. Using various proven facilitation tools and processes, Pivot’s consultants excel at getting a high level of participation and insight from all participants. Our approach is highly structured, guiding the participants through a series of predefined steps to arrive at a result that is created, understood, and accepted by all.

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Structured Approach

Pivot employs a five-step process to developing strategy that enables all levels of the organization to play a direct role in developing and implementing the strategy. This approach can be adapted to any planning or decision-making activities. We evaluate the strategies that are already in place and the work that has already been completed to keep the strategic momentum going. We challenge the status quo, where applicable, and provide you with innovative and efficient methodologies and supports. Our process leads to renewed energy, improved employee and stakeholder engagement, and a clearer path that will fast track your success.

To help your organization achieve a culture of strategic thinking and success, Pivot guides you through a five-step planning process:

  1. explore + analyze your business environment
  2. identify the most appropriate strategy
  3. define + implement the action plan
  4. do regular monitoring and alignment reviews along the way
  5. celebrate successes and learn from failures

The Journey

The key to understanding our approach is this: planning is not an event, it’s a journey whereby you are provided with tools to help you evaluate the information that is available to develop, implement and evaluate your plan, and enable you to make better and more timely decisions. Our five-step planning approach includes important discussions around aligning your organizational structure to support your strategic vision, your values and key initiatives.

Creating accountability systems and discussing options on how to communicate your plan to your various stakeholders in a manner that engenders pride of ownership and greater commitment to the required business strategies and tactics.