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Are You Really Too Busy?

How often do we hear business owners and managers say that they are just too busy! They can’t get to the real work, because they have too many other things to do. They find themselves working a crazy number of hours every week and they still can’t get it all done. Business is suffering, their health is suffering and their family and social life simply don’t exist.

Is this you? You never stop and yet, you never get it all done. How can this be?

We’ll assume that you have employees. Are they too busy as well? Or perhaps you wonder why they seem to have work/life balance figured out and you don’t? Do you wonder if maybe they aren’t busy enough? Maybe you are filling your days/weeks/months with tasks that are not actually getting you any closer to where you want to go. Perhaps you are doing someone else’s job in addition to your own. Maybe two or three of you are doing the job one person could do well if the tools were better. We could go on and on…

Stop being busy! Be effective.

Let’s get back to your business: you are so busy making your business happen that you might forget why you’re doing some things. You might know that certain aspects could be improved but to stop and take precious time to get a new tool or method in place seems impossible or high risk. And who has time to research options? Finally, if you do make any changes are you ever really certain it was an improvement? How can you tell if it’s really working?

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1. Start with setting your Vision - Strategic Thinking.
What do YOU want to achieve with your business? What will this provide for you personally? It’s important to include the personal side. You also have to create a Vision for the rest of team, where is this business going? Is this exciting? Are they inspired?
This is your chance to dream!
A clear Vision will help you to determine how you need to structure your business to get where you want to go.

2. Now comes the real work – Action Planning.
What needs to happen for this vision to become reality?
What part of your vision should you share and with whom?
Define key action items, set time lines, identify outcomes, and assign responsibilities.

You have employees? Give them responsibilities. Be sure they understand their responsibilities. Once they know what do to and how to do it, and you have provided them with the resources to get it done, hold them accountable for the results. Perhaps you don’t need an employee to get it done, why not hire on contract!

The same goes for managers: Don’t do their job for them. Empower them to do their job!

3. How will you know when you get there – Measuring Results.
How can you tell you’re getting closer to your vision?
When you know where you want to go, what everyone needs to do to get there, then you can measure progress. Each business has its own indicators along the way. Know what they are and how to measure them. Keep track and you can stay on track.

I don’t want to hear that life took over and you just got too busy. See the important things. (I’ll spare you the “keep your eye on the ball” or “float the plan” clichés here.) Put your vision and the steps you need to achieve it on the top of your to-do list, and never mind the other stuff. Get your whole team on board and you’ll get there together.

Seek the right help. A third party may be necessary to get everyone on board and keep you on track. With a strategic management consultant, you will be able to navigate this process and get results a whole lot faster.

That’s what we do. Allow Pivot Performance to help you achieve your vision faster. Contact us for a free consultation. It may be the best hour invested in your own success. We will help you articulate your vision and determine the steps and measures and stay with you along the way to ensure you achieve your vision. You could achieve it faster!

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Josée Lemoine
President, Pivot Advisory Services