Six Hats Wine

Six Hats: It’s a Wine and a practical Thinking Tool. Who Knew!

As a business owner, I regularly take the time to reflect on what’s going on in my business and my industry.

I do this regularly at the office, however there are times in off-hours that I like to pour myself a glass of wine and think. I really enjoy these unstructured sessions, glass in hand.

The other day, I decided was one of those times. As I walked through my favourite wine store I decided to explore a wine region that was new to me. (I will not profess to be a sommelier by any stretch however I do appreciate good wine, and enjoy a new taste adventure. My goal is to be a better connoisseur of regions and grape varietals so I can make better wine selections). That being said, in order to increase my wine knowledge, I need to diversify, challenge my taste buds and force myself to try something new. On this day, I opted for South Africa.

As I perused the bottles, I was drawn to a bottle called Six Hats. It stood out for two reasons: (1) I liked the label; and (2) the name rings a bell for me; Six Hats is a facilitation methodology. What a great idea to use this thinking method during my own imbibed relaxation and reflection, as I set out to ponder my current business strategy.

A little bit about the methodology: Six Thinking Hats® by de Bono Thinking Systems, is a time-tested, proven and practical thinking tool. It provides a framework to help people think clearly and thoroughly by directing their thinking attention in one direction at a time set to the imagery of wearing different coloured thinking hats (white hat = facts, green hat = creativity, yellow hat = benefits, black hat = cautious, red hat = feelings, and blue hat = process).

Settled into my chair, glass of Six Hats wine in hand, I started in on my relaxation and reflection.

De Bono's 6 Thinking Hats

As a professional facilitator and strategic management consultant, it is important for me to be knowledgeable about various tools and methodologies that I could use to help my clients achieve their goals. I enjoyed following the Six Hats methodology to guide my thinking about my own business direction. The wine was a metaphor for facilitation, the region was the metaphor for the methodology and the enjoyment of drinking was the metaphor for the outcome.

What do I hope you to take away from my little wine adventure to South African Six Hats’ vineyards? Before you get serious about your plan, put on your coloured thinking hats and consider the following:

  In planning a strategic meeting In choosing a wine
Blue Hat What do we need?
How should we proceed?
What is the occasion?
Why do I need wine?
White Hat What do we know?
What issues will be discussed?
How much do I need?
Which wines do I know?
Red Hat What issues are likely to arise? Am I looking for easy sipping, new experiences or value?
Green Hat What is the best process to use?
Who should be involved?
Which region, grape varietal and price point will best meet your needs?
Yellow Hat What outcomes are expected? Is this for light sipping, tapas or a five-course dinner?
Black Hat Can we get everyone together?
Should we hire a facilitator or consultant?
Will I be sharing with someone who likes wine as much as I do?

Josée Lemoine…