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Executive Facilitation

You have a problem that needs to be solved, a difficult conversation or a project that you need to figure out how to break down, or quite simply you have a big meeting to run, and you want to be an equal participant. You are uncertain as to how to proceed through the next steps or how to solve an issue. Perhaps it’s a prickly one!

We can facilitate your meeting, whether it’s a two-hour meeting on a very specific topic or a management retreat. We can help you design your agenda, lead your meeting using proven facilitation processes, with tools and techniques that ensure you get the results you need and want. Hiring a professional facilitator will allow you, the leader, to be involved in the process, and yet still be open to other possibilities.

What a professional facilitator brings to your meeting:

  • demonstrated processes that create a frame-work for an effective meeting;
  • numerous tools and techniques that allow them to adapt to your group; and
  • the ability to help participants excel as a team by focusing on the issues, building consensus, and creating commitment to the actions that are required to bring the agreed vision to life.

You should hire an outside facilitator if:

  • You don’t have a clearly defined, tested and proven process.
  • You have expert meeting facilitators but none with an extensive track record for facilitating strategy.
  • Your team has a number of individuals with strong opinions that make it difficult to reach consensus.
  • You, as the group leader, have specific ideas of where the organization needs to go, but want to be seen as open to other possibilities.
  • The discussion is best guided by a neutral party to engender trust, participation and buy-in.